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World-Class Centers for Innovation

Reaching Beyond Our World’s Boundaries

As one of the most trusted materials suppliers in the aerospace industry, Solvay always looks toward advancing progress within critical markets. Solvay laboratories work tirelessly to discover the technologies that will push us beyond our world’s borders. 

With a passion for innovation, Solvay’s laboratories demonstrate new, invigorating ways to promote progress in the aerospace industry. To find solutions to some of the most pressing concerns displayed by industry leaders, our scientists and engineers employ state-of-the-art procedures to ensure product success. From prototyping to real-environment testing, together with our customers, we can find the solutions to pressing challenges. 

Worldwide Innovation Centers

Solvay’s global network of world-class innovation centers redefines what is possible within the boundaries of technological advancements in the industry. Our state-of-the-art facilities have the equipment, software and expert staff to support testing, simulation, processing, prototyping, and testing. Our teams ensure testing and qualification campaigns are efficiently executed to the highest of standards as expected by the aerospace, automotive, battery industries and authorities.

Solvay centers for innovation are strategically located in several unique hubs around the world and are dedicated to specialized developments, materials, and applications. Our experts are located in Brussels, Anaheim, Wichita, Bollate, Heanor, and Wrexham.

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Our Strong Innovation Philosophy

Our support model is based on our strong philosophy of close customer collaboration. Our experts are prepared to provide advanced technical assistance—from initial concept development to day-to-day production support.

Solvay application centers are where our customers’ visions and ambitions come to life. By providing a space to collaborate and explore the art of possibilities, we become an essential asset to our partners.