A leader in automotive solutions for thermal management 

Solvay Engineering Plastics offers a complete array of hydrolysis-resistant Technyl® grades for the most demanding appliances delivering multiple benefits: 

  • Extensive product portfolio referenced by global and regional OEMs. 
  • Easy processing and compatibility with numerous production techniques, including injection, welding blow-molding, overmolding, and more. 
  • Optimization of parts design and functional integration, as well as potential for weight reduction. 
  • Worldwide availability of Technyl® products customer support.

A dedicated offer for turbo charging 

To meet growing demand for downsized engines that continue to offer lightweight high performance and power output, Solvay Engineering Plastics offers a specially designed range of heat performance materials: 

  • Technyl® B2 V15 is the new generation for 2D and 3D blow-molding, providing complex tubular parts able to resist temperatures up to 210°C. 
  • Technyl® Heat Performance (HP), a product range for injection-molded applications, providing continuous 200°C temperature resistance.

A range of hydrolysis-resistant grades for the most demanding applications 

  • 20-year track market reference.  
  • Tensile strength improvement versus standard materials after aging in water/glycol hot mixtures.  
  • High hydrolysis and road salt resistance for extreme conditions.