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Asphalt road in forest

InnRoad Protect™

 Innovations for Road

A differentiating offer on the road pavement market

The road pavement market is looking for greener, safer and more efficient technology to replace existing fluxing agent. Solvay and Eurovia have partnered to design a new fluxing agent usable in a wide range of road technics. The value proposition of InnRoad™ Protect is highly differentiating compared to the current technologies.


InnRoad Protect™ benefits:

  • Tighter boiling range thus faster evaporation
  • Faster recovery of bitumen properties
  • Quicker cohesion build up
  • Improved durability: better cost in
  • Less bleeding & shorter road work: less trouble for the end users
  • Extended period of application: increase usage of end the year credits

InnRoad™ Protect  bring versatility, efficiency and safety, without any compromise 



Grand Price of the Vinci Innovation Contest 2017


InnRoad™ Protect has won the Grand Price of the Vinci Innovation Contest. This prize, obtained among more than 1800 files, reflects the high expectation of this innovation by Eurovia (Vinci Group).

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