Albritect® PM-1

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Albritect® PM-1 is used as an efficient deactivator of trans-esterification catalysts and metal sequestrants in the manufacture of Polyester (DMT process). It is an efficient thermal stabiliser for polyester manufactured using DMT process.
Albritect® PM-1 finds use in:
  • Technical and textile fibres (safety belts and tyre cords)
  • Photographic films
  • Bottles for soft drinks and beer


  • Precipitate reduction due to excellent dispersion properties: 
    • Excellent clarity 
    • Less downtime due to cleaning 
    • Increased plant throughput
  • Improved handling – viscosity
  • Excellent Colour stabilizer 
    • Improved transparency of the final product 
    • Specified to meet specific colour parameters for Polyester manufacture
  • No Corrosion problems and phenol residues
  • FDA approved

Albritect® PM-1 vs alternative technologies
Albritect® PM-1 vs phosphoric Acid
  • Phosphoric Acid gives hazy films and bottles; poor dispersion of catalyst residues. Hence Precepitation problems
  • Corrosion problems with phosphoric acid use
  • Albritect® PM-1 gives excellent clarity, reduction in precipitate and no corrosion problems
Albritect® PM-1 vs trimethyl Phosphate
  • Trimethyl phosphate textile filters need to be cleaned every 4-5 weeks and replaced annually
  • Trimethyl phosphate gives poor colour due to precipitates
  • Albritect® PM-1 has excellent dispersion properties and gives no colour problems
Albritect® PM-1 vs Triphenyl Phosphate
  • Phenol residues when triphenyl phosphate is used vs NO phenol residues and overall precipitate reduction when Albritect® PM-1 is used
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