RhodaPhos® - Speciality Intermediates

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Solvay offers a full range of phosphorylating agents and phosphorus based chemical synthons. We specialize in safe, efficient and reliable scale up of phosphorus based materials. Our global technical support teams provide you with advice on safety, toxicology, environmental and regulatory aspects of our speciality intermediates.

Phosphorylating agents are used to introduce a phosphorus atom into a molecule, either as P(III) or P(V). Solvay offers a range of simple to complex phosphorylating agents.

Key applications for phosphorylating agents include:

Chemical Synthons are used to introduce a specific structural element to a molecule. The product range includes: (1) Speciality Phosphonates and (2) Wittig and Horner Emmons Reagents. 
Solvay provides high quality phosphorus based speciality intermediates with excellent service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.