Solvay 2019 Annual Shareholders' Meeting will be held on May 14, 2019 in Brussels.

Regardless of the number of shares they hold, all shareholders are invited to take part in the Shareholders’ Meeting. The Meeting is a special opportunity to talk with Solvay’s Management, learn about the Group’s results and objectives, and take part in the decision-making process.


Different types of Shareholders’ meetings

  • Ordinary Shareholders’Meeting

It is held once a year, for the specific purpose of approving the financial statements for the fiscal year just ended, setting the dividend and its terms of payment and, if necessary, appointing or renewing the terms of the Directors and the Statutory Auditors. 

During the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, resolutions are adopted by a simple majority of the votes present or represented.

  • Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting

It takes place periodically, when the company is required to seek shareholder approval to modify the articles of association, or to authorize a capital increase or reduction, a merger or a demerger.  Resolutions are adopted by a specific majority of the votes present or represented in compliance with Belgian Law.