A special gathering opportunity

The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is a special opportunity for us to meet our shareholders. Regardless of the number of shares they hold, all shareholders are invited to attend this event, to talk with Solvay’s Management, learn about the Group’s results and objectives, and take part in the decision-making process.

Frequently asked questions

Who can participate?

Any shareholder may participate in annual shareholders’ meetings. To do so, you must prove that you hold registered shares or dematerialized securities accounts held by your accredited financial or banking intermediary on the record date. Every shareholder has one vote per share.

How to participate?

As a registered or dematerialized shareholder, you will need to notify your desire to partake to the meeting by returning the participation notice 6 days prior to the meeting. If you are a registered shareholder, the registration of your shares will ensue from your enrollment on Solvay shareholder register on the record date.

If you hold dematerialized shares, you will have to produce a statement from the authorized account holder or from the settlement organization that holds your share account, certifying the number of dematerialized shares registered in the name of the shareholder on the record date.

How to get my voting form?
  • Do you hold registered shares? Your voting form is attached to the notice of meeting.

  • Do you hold dematerialized shares? You need to contact your financial intermediary and return your voting form 6 days prior to the meeting.

Voting forms will not be taken into account unless they are received no later than 6 days before the date of the meeting.

How to appoint a representative?

Shareholders may appoint the person of their choice to represent them at the meeting should they be unable to partake. The designated proxy holder does not necessarily need to be a shareholder of Solvay and must be independent from the senior management sphere of Solvay.

These shareholders should follow the instructions indicated in the Notice of Meeting.

Your rights as shareholders

Under some conditions, shareholder(s) holding (together) at least 3% of the share capital may request the addition of new items to the agenda and/or submit new motions for a resolution (22 days prior to the meeting).

Solvay will then send to shareholders by mail 15 days prior to the meeting a final agenda and a completed proxy form and make these documents available on the website.

You may also submit questions in writing to the Board of Directors regarding items on the agenda or report as well as to the Auditor regarding his report. More information on the deadlines can be found in the notice of meeting.

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