Over several decades, Solvay has developed a unique range of chemical intermediates for agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals, based on a wide palette of technologies.
Solvay is a leading world manufacturer of diphenol derivatives such as catechol, hydroquinone, guaiacol and veratrole, widely used as intermediates in active ingredient synthesis.


High quality standard and focus on sustainable development: 

Solvay is strongly committed to delivering products that includes a broad range of competitive proprietary technologies and high-quality standards and ISO certifications. For each product and each new development, Solvay ensures a sustainable approach.
Solvay provides full technical support for the proper use and safe handling of products.

Innovation and tailor-made molecules: 

Strong expertise, patented technologies and high technical service of Solvay teams will address your specific and challenging requirements. Solvay is also with you to develop tailor-made innovative solutions.

Security of supply and fully integrated chain: 

All the products meet the needs of the highest health, safety & traceability standards. All production sites over the world ensure the security of supply and logistics services.