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De-icing with Caso®

During winter, Caso® is good for the environment and can reduce road maintenance costs

A study*, presented at the International Winter Road congress (Poland) in March 2018, draws attention to the effective economic and environmental contribution of using calcium chloride for de-icing.

When spreaded on sodium chloride salt, calcium chloride forms a sticky layer, thereby keeping the salt “trapped” on the road and preventing its migration to environment.  Thanks to its other properties, calcium chloride also makes the de-icing solution stay longer on the road. As a result, less salt is needed to keep the road surface safe, which makes it an attractive solution to reducing road maintenance costs as well as reducing environmental impact. 
Solvay produces Caso® in Rosignano (IT) and is a strong global provider.


Download the study

*done by the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI). 


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