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Using Solvay peracetic acid for cleaning PET bottles in beverage factory

Customer Testimonials

An effective and sustainable solution for the food processing industry

INTEROX® AG Satisfied clients - Here’s what three of our customers say about INTEROX® AG

“INTEROX® AG is a much better product than the one we used before”

“We use INTEROX® AG Spray 35S in bulk for our SIG Combibloc machines. In these machines, we fill four different packaging sizes with milk and shakes. The main reason why we have chosen INTEROX® AG Spray 35S over the H2O2 product from a competitor is the fact that the amount of residue on our equipment is significantly lower and the machines are a lot easier to clean. This reduces machine downtime and helps us to improve our production yield. INTEROX® AG Spray 35S also has environmental benefits. Because the consistency of the scales is lower and the cleaning operation is easier, less water is used for cleaning, reducing the amount of waste water generated in the process. All in all, INTEROX® AG Spray 35S is a much better product than the one we used before. On top of that, Solvay always delivers on time and in accordance with safety requirements.”

– D. Carlos Momán, Plant Manager at LECHE CELTA


“We can fill more packs with INTEROX® AG”

“We chose INTEROX® AG Spray S for the Combibloc-equipment we use for filling packaging with juice products. Previous products caused blockages in the nozzles. We worked with Combibloc and Solvay to find the right grade of H2O2 product and have never looked back since. Reduced downtime is the main reason why we chose INTEROX® AG Spray S. Previously, we had to shut down production after 60 hours for a period of one to three hours. Now we can run up to 100 hours without any problems. In addition, the cost of replacing the vaporizer (a very expensive component) has been significantly reduced. With previous products, due to the high residue left on the equipment, weekly cleaning was a prerequisite. With INTEROX® AG Spray S we can routinely schedule maintenance on a monthly basis on all key items of the equipment. INTEROX® AG Spray S also enables us to produce more packs. Knowing that we normally produce 12.000 packs per hour, we can safely say that we can fill between 12.000 and 36.000 additional packs for every downtime period we can eliminate. In short: the quality of the product is excellent and we wouldn’t want to change anything. Keep up the good work!”

– A big soft drinks producer from UK


“We strongly recommend our customers to use INTEROX® AG”

“We use INTEROX® AG Spray 25S to decontaminate plastic packaging for low-acid and high-acid beverages. The main reason why we prefer working with INTEROX® AG Spray 25S is the purity of the product. There are no dry residue deposits during operation, which allows us to avoid any downtime for cleaning purposes. Thanks to the design of our equipment and the quality of the product, we do not need any cleaning cycles at all. As an equipment supplier, we strongly recommend our customers to use INTEROX® AG Spray 25S. In fact, it is the only product that enables us to guarantee the continuous availability and efficiency of our equipment. One of the key advantages of working with INTEROX® AG Spray 25S is cost reduction. We use a dry decontamination technology to avoid water usage. As only a very low quantity of H2O2 is needed, we can offer our customers a solution that is both environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. On top of that, Solvay can offer us excellent support when it comes to technical or commercial development. We have engaged in a strong partnership with Solvay for years now. For instance, they were able to quickly provide us with al the answers we needed regarding the distribution of INTEROX® AG in countries such as Russia or China.”

– Arnaud Poupet, Development Program Manager at SIDEL

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