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INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide Electronic Grade

High purity grades for the semiconductor industry

From the long established applications in the etching of printed circuit boards to the more recent application of ultra high purity grades in semiconductor production hydrogen peroxide is the leading 'wet chemical' used in the semiconductor industry.

The main semiconductors grades of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) are:

GradeCationic impurities
INTEROX® EG-10< 10 ppb
INTEROX® EG-1< 1 ppb
INTEROX® Pico< 0.1 ppb
INTEROX® PicoPlus< 0.01 ppb

Detailed technical data sheets, specifications and advice regarding these products are available from Solvay. Specialized grades for other diverse applications are also available. 


Semiconductor chips manufacture

Solvay offers a specialized line of products, which includes some of the purest hydrogen peroxide available in the world. High purity hydrogen peroxide is a key chemical in the production of semiconductor chips. As the complexity of computer chips and the miniaturization of the circuits in them increases, so the demand for ultra pure hydrogen peroxide grows. Solvay produces a range of hydrogen peroxide products to address the exacting needs of this industry. These 31% products include a lightly stabilized grade, and stabilizer-free grades with specifications of <10 ppb, <1 ppb, <0.1 ppb and <0.01 ppb per individual cation. Impurity values are typically 10% of specification limits. 

Printed circuit boards etching

Special grades of hydrogen peroxide can be used in the etching of printed circuit boards often in conjunction with sulphuric acid. Hydrogen peroxide is also used to regenerate cupric chloride etching baths.


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