Developing New Molecules

We have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing aliphatic fluorinated compounds and derivatives. Developing new molecules based on TFAC and other compounds of our product range, is one of our key strengths. 

Our development process aims at achieving the ideal synthesis route and production process: efficient and cost-effective. The service comprises the delivery of a first sample as well as trials at our pilot plant. We relieve you from REACH registration and ensure flexible and safe delivery. We help you speed up your development and to save valuable time to market. 

Capabilities, Services & Technologies

Capabilities and Services

Solvay has been among the market leaders in fluorine chemistry for many years. Our R & D team possesses deep expertise in developing new fluorinated building blocks and intermediates. Our service covers all steps of the development process. Starting with the development of new molecules based on TFAC and first sample preparation through to the full set of necessary HSE and REACH registration, we are your partner.


Sophisticated fluorination technologies such as fluorinations with F2, C = O to CF2 transformations as well as C–OH to C – F transformations and asymmetric fluorinations are leading-edge technologies we master.

We have expertise in gas and liquid phase fluorination. Our technology range comprises chlorination, bromination, esterification, amidation, amination, decarboxylation, reduction and dehalogenation.

Consider us your first choice provider for organic fluorinated intermediates. 


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Fluorine confers differentiating biological properties that makes its insertion on organic molecules attractive, as confirmed by the increasing number of fluorinated intermediates under development in the agro science industry (appr. 50 %).

We pursue a focus strategy to develop competitive processes that are safe to operate, sustainable and yield the required quality for existing fluorinated molecules for the agrochemicals industry.

We develop new routes to existing commercial fluorinated molecules that are cost competitive thanks to our expertise in fluorine chemistry.

We produce in-house or through our toller network, following the most stringent HSE standards developed at Solvay, based on a technical package released from our research and development center.


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We deliver the pharmaceutical industry with fluorinated raw materials from our commercial CF2/CF3 product tree.

A growing number of blockbuster drugs contain fluorine atoms:

  • Analgesics
  • Anesthetics
  • Antibiotics 
  • Anticancer agents 
  • Antiviral 
  • Anti-HIV 

Industrial Applications

Organic Fluorinated Compounds-Icon-Industrial-Applications

Electronic and Coating Additives

Our aliphatic fluorinated building blocks can be used for a variety of applications such as:

  • Electronic conducting materials
  • Coating materials for flat panel displays, touch screens and finger print scanners

Solvents and Catalysts

Fluorinated acids, alcohols as well as our ketones have excellent solvent properties.

They are used as:

  • Solvents in chemical reactions
  • Catalyst for silicone and alkylation reaction