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Ecran Webinar BicarZ v2


WEBINAR | "It's all about the stability ! How to keep ruminant feeding effective"


The ruminal fermentation processes are very adaptive, and the organ can cope with a lot of adverse influences. However, we now understand that the fermentation processes are just more complex than “normal” or “acidosis” – Understanding how the rumen regulates itself and how it can be regulated by feed and feed additives, is therefore vital for an effective dairy production. In the webinar, you will learn about the fundamentals as well as the latest insights into ruminal fermentation. The principles of dairy cow feeding are known, but in order to keep the ruminal fermentation effective, we need to pay more attention to management and controlling. In this webinar, you will hear about ways to ensure this effectivity and how the strategic use of feed additives may help you to improve ruminal function and production.

This session will be presented by Dr. Joachim Lübbo Kleen, European Veterinary Specialist in Bovine Health Management and recognized specialist for cattle medicine. As an independent consultant to dairy farms and the dairy industry, Dr. Kleen works for large dairy farms in Europe and Central Asia.



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