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Using Solvay peracetic acid for cleaning PET bottles in beverage factory

INTEROX® Aseptic Grade

An effective and sustainable solution for the food processing industry

Unmatched purity and quality guarantees food safety

INTEROX® Aseptic Grade (AG) relies on the strong oxidizing properties of hydrogen peroxide. Upon contact with cells, hydrogen peroxide and its free radical derivatives react with membrane lipids and proteins, disrupt cell functions and cause cell membrane rupture. This broad spectrum biocide kills a wide range of microorganisms, making it ideal for food processing and packaging applications where guaranteed sterilization is required. 

INTEROX® AG is used during packaging operations to sterilize the paperboard carton containers or plastic bottles prior to filling with UHT (Ultra-Heat-Treated) or pasteurized food. In aseptic processing the product and the package are decontaminated separately and then combined and sealed in a sterile atmosphere. This disinfection process reduces the risk of foodborne diseases and extends the shelf life of the products without refrigeration, making them stable for over 6 months.  

Solvay has developed several INTEROX® AG grades with the highest purity levels on the market, each formulated to meet specific machine performance requirements. This exceptional purity is the key benefit of Solvay’s INTEROX® product range. It allows our clients to fill more packs with the same quantity of product, reducing costs and increasing productivity at the same time.

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A sustainable product and process in the circular economy 

Solvay fully recognizes the major challenge that sustainable development poses to society. Our use of hydrogen peroxide is of particular note in food applications because of its environmental friendly properties. Hydrogen peroxide decomposes into water and oxygen ౼ thereby eliminating the production of wastewater ౼ leaves little or no residue and, unlike other more traditional disinfectants, does not form harmful by-products. For these reasons, hydrogen peroxide, a green product, is now the most widely accepted sterilant for aseptic packaging applications.  

The sterile environment created with INTEROX® AG allows our clients to package and store food, without refrigeration, for a longer period of time in paperboard carton containers or plastic bottles ౼ reducing energy consumption along the distribution chain, extending product shelf life and contributing to the circular economy by avoiding food and beverage waste.

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Solvay Expertise and Support

New aseptic packaging machines require more effective and efficient hydrogen peroxide products engineered specifically for each machine type. We employ a coordinated global approach to the research and development of the INTEROX® AG product range for this market segment. We work in partnership with customers and stakeholders to achieve our mutual objectives of safe and effective peroxygen products. Key to the success of aseptic packaging is the efficiency of sterilization and the development of faster, more efficient machines.

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INTEROX® AG is used in three major application methods: Bath application, spray application or vapor application.


Key Regions

  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • North America
  • South America
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